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Throughout the month of May, we're celebrating Mothers! 

At WIN House, we support mothers in our shelters all year long! Each year, we see hundreds of mothers in our shelters, and we see first hand the sacrifices they make and the challenges they face to help bring their families to safety. 
Join us in celebrating these mothers all month long - not just on Mother's Day this year! 
When you donate using our online form, you can leave a donation in honour of a mother you love, and you can leave a note that we will share with the mothers staying in our shelters this month. 

Read about one of the mothers who stayed in our shelter below!

Meet Lucy

Lucy came to WIN House in 2022 while she was fleeing from another country. Lucy was undocumented and was seeking refugee status, and was unable to take her kids to Canada with her. When she arrived, WIN House staff helped schedule a hearing to get a passport. As part of the support she received at WIN House, Lucy was able to see a doctor, start a bank account, get referrals for a SIN Number, and utilize our partnership with Goodwill to get new clothes. After three weeks in our emergency shelter, WIN House staff were able to admit Lucy to our second-stage shelter, WIN III, for women fleeing human trafficking or those with precarious immigration status. Residents can stay at WIN III for up to three years. In this time, Lucy was able to access further resources to help her get residency in Canada, which will allow her to reunite with her children!

Note: All names and identifying information have been changed to protect the anonymity of our residents.

Donate Now

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When you donate online throughout the month of March, you can leave a message for us to share with the mothers in our shelters by choosing to donate "in honour of" someone at the link below. Help us celebrate these mothers and let them know they're not alone!

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