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24-Hour Helpline

Call Center Headset

Thousands of women and children rely on the WIN House Helpline. WIN House fielded more than 2,050 calls to our direct Helpline in the last fiscal year.

  • 2,675 Calls Received

    • 75% Admission Requests

    • 21% Information & Resource Navigation

    • 2% Crisis Support Calls

    • 2% Other

New Start Kit


When Champions leave WIN House to begin life in a new home, our New Start program provides a household package with all of the essentials they will need to get settled in, including clothes, small kitchen appliances, basic toiletries, and more.

Last fiscal year: 

  • 74 New Start Kits were provided to Champions who found stable housing

  • 220 Clothing Requests were filled

On-Site Nurse

Doctor Examining Patient

The On-Site Nurse program offers individuals access to immediate and follow-up medical intervention and provides health education and resources. Champions entering WIN House often require critical medical intervention due to the nature of their stay. Victims of violence may have untreated or undiagnosed health issues because of the violence and control they have faced. The On-Site Nurse is a Registered Nurse available for one-on-one appointments to begin their positive healthcare journey.

Crisis Intervention


When Champions need us most, we're here, from frontline response services and emergency shelter to emotional support and interpreter services.

  • 554 Champions Served

  • 97% Occupancy

  • Over 12,000 Nights of Safety

Meals Program


The WIN House Meals Program ensures that every person in our shelters is provided with meals, snacks, and beverages. We continue to adjust for allergies, cultural needs, and other dietary restrictions. WIN House provides access to resources that meet our Champions' basic needs. This, in turn, allows them to spend their time in WIN House focused on recovery and not worry about their next meal.

  • 36,564 Meals Provided

Counselling Services

Psychotherapy Session

Our Champions have access to free Domestic Violence counselling. Whether attending the support group or booking one-on-one sessions, our residents can access appropriate counselling support. Plus, they will be able to continue accessing services once they leave the shelter at little to no cost. We can provide child play therapy at their counselling site if the parent has full custody of the child, or can secure other guardians’ consent to receive counselling for their children. When our residents are in therapy appointments or support groups, we provide respite care for their children. All of this is done in partnership with the YWCA.

Two woman are hugging close to the camera while a group of blurred out people sit in the background.

Program Partnership

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