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Resources Available
At WIN House

24 Hour Helpline

Our helpline is a number for people who are looking for resources or space within the shelter.

HELPLINE: 780-479-0058

School Program

School aged children are able to access a program that we deliver with a school in our area to ensure they do not fall behind. For safety reasons, children are transported by WIN House staff to the program. 

Hot Meals

We have a cook onsite at the emergency shelters. They provide 3 hot meals a day, as well as snacks.

Crisis Intervention

From front line response to crisis intervention, respite childcare, emotional support, and outreach services, we’re here when people need us most.

On Site Nurse

Through our partnership with Streetworks, we have a registered nurse onsite three times a week to provide you with health information that you may need for you and your children.

Personal Items

Diapers, shampoo/conditioner, soap, towels, and linens are provided, as well as laundry supplies and facilities.

Link to Community Resources

Our crisis intervention workers provide information and referrals to various community agencies and their services, including referrals to emergency medical and dental care.


WIN House provides free transportation (local area) when you need to come to WIN House. Our team member may arrange for a taxi to bring you from crisis to the shelter.

We provide transportation for emergency medical attention.

Pet Shelter

We offer a safe place for your furry family members while you are at WIN House. 



You may wonder if your relationship is healthy or not. The escalation of abuse often happens over time - know the warning signs.


You don't have to be ready to leave to be thinking about a plan. There are a few things to think of when designing your safety plan.


You may not be ready to leave, or want to think about various situations during a fight, staying at WIN House, and afterwards. 


We want to make sure if you enter into one of our WIN House shelters you know what to expect, and you understand your rights. 

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