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International Women's Day

In honour of International Women's Day, WIN House is excited to partner with Kingsway Mall for a special campaign - #LightTheDarkness. This initiative aims to support those accessing the shelter and resources provided by WIN House. 

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Light The Darkness

Join us starting March 7th at Kingsway Mall to experience our transformative Interactive Art Installation - A 12 ft Tall model of a home facade with a powerful narrative. Crafted by the award-winning local designer and entrepreneur Tessa Stamp, this installation stands as a visual representation of real stories shared by women at WIN House.

Each room, meticulously designed at a 1:4 scale, encapsulates the raw and personal details of experiences with gender-based violence. These rooms serve as poignant reflections of the resilience and strength of those who have sought refuge at WIN House.

As you explore this unique exhibit, every donation made at the Tip Tap station triggers a light in one of the rooms, bringing to life the impact of your support. This immersive experience invites everyone to be part of our mission, fostering a community where every tap not only illuminates a room but also helps Light The Darkness for those affected by violence.

Let's illuminate the path towards a brighter, safer future. The display will be open from March 7th – March 29th, 2024. 

Our Partners

A sincere thank you to Brookfield and ​ProFound Talent for their unwavering support. Your partnership has made it possible for us to unite our community in celebration of International Women's Day.

We cherish these invaluable collaborations that enable us to amplify our mission — putting an end to violent environments and relationships. It's truly heartening to have partners who not only recognize the significance of our work but also share our core values, standing beside us in supporting those who need it the most. Together, we envision a future with safety, respect, and support.

Thanks to Brookfield and ProFound Talent, every tap on our display not only lights a room but also contributes to #LightTheDarknessguiding those affected by domestic violence towards a brighter, safer future.

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Empower Change with WIN House

At WIN House, our mission is to offer a haven for women, children, and non-binary individuals experiencing violence. Join us this International Women's Day in expanding this crucial support. Through our Light The Darkness Campaign, we aim to illuminate the challenges women face daily and raise awareness of the challenges women's shelters face in Alberta.


This campaign not only sheds light on the stories of resilience from those who have crossed our doors but also magnifies the incredible adversity and strength each individual embodies. Your support for WIN House contributes to creating a safer, more inclusive community. Thank you for standing with us as we work towards a brighter, more inclusive future.

Special Thanks

This extraordinary project would not have been possible without the invaluable support and collaboration of our esteemed partners. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to:

Kingsway Mall

Visionary Venue

Special thanks to Kingsway Mall for their unwavering support in helping us bring this campaign to life. We are immensely grateful for their commitment to making a positive impact in our community.

Tessa Stamp

Award-Winning Artist

Tessa Stamp, an acclaimed artist and designer, played a pivotal role in bringing our 3D house design to life. With her exceptional talent and creativity, she crafted a visually compelling representation of the real-life stories shared by the resilient individuals at WIN House.

Digital Link

Technical Support and Graphic Design

Digital Link has been an essential partner, providing crucial technical support and expert graphic design throughout the development of this project. Their commitment to excellence has enhanced the overall impact and interactive experience of our installation.

One to One

Printing Partner

A special thanks to One to One for supporting our printing needs. Their dedication to quality and efficiency ensured that our project's printed materials were handled with the utmost care and professionalism.


Together, these partners have played a crucial role in bringing #LightTheDarkness to life. Their support is a testament to the strength of community collaboration and the shared commitment to creating a safer and brighter future for all. Thank you for standing with us in this meaningful journey.

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Content Advisory

As this campaign addresses sensitive topics that may evoke emotional responses, we kindly advise viewers to approach the display with appropriate support in place if needed. Your wellbeing is important to us, and we encourage self-care and seeking assistance if any distress arises while viewing the content.

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