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Edmonton Women’s Shelter Ltd. exists to further non-violent relationships and environments for women with or without children.


Women and children are safe and free from abuse in their environments and relationships.


  • 6th Annual Rohit’s Baskets of Hope for WIN House

    Edmonton, Alberta – On November 9, 2015 the 6th annual Baskets of Hope in support of WIN House took place at Rohit Group of Companies office. This began in 2010 as the brainchild of Dianne Young and her friends as … Read More...
  • Alberta Women’s Shelters Receive Additional Funding

    Alberta Women’s Shelters Receive Additional Support to Victims of Family Violence ALBERTA – The Government of Alberta announced additional funds for women’s shelters. The funding will allow the province to better fund second-stage shelters, operational increases for emergency shelters, child … Read More...
  • Rohit’s Baskets of Hope

    Over the past several years, Rohit’s Baskets of Hope has become a cherished Christmas tradition. Krishna Gupta and Dianne Young join together business leaders, community members, friends and family to create over 60 Baskets of Hope for women fleeing domestic abuse … Read More...
  • Edmonton Eskimos Shoe Donation

    Eskimos President and CEO Len Rhodes, in partnership with Reebok donated 312 pairs of shoes to the Edmonton Women’s Shelter. The donation has personal significance to Rhodes. During the announcement, he touched on his personal story of witnessing his late father abuse … Read More...
  • Playhouses for WIN

      The teens of Centre High have been hard at work learning the trade in a 2 week prep-for-work boot camp this summer. Their busy hands have been crafting small playhouses that are replicas of actual homes for several not-for-profit … Read More...

How can you help?

Many of our guests leave their homes unexpectedly and do not have time to collect the things that they and their children will need. WIN House supplies necessary personal items and also help women start new homes, therefore we need a constant supply of donations. Click for more information.

Soup Sisters proudly support women, children and youth in crisis in partnership with Sunterra Market and in support of WIN House and YESS. For more information or to book a soup making event contact

Edmonton Women's Shelter provides emergency shelter and comprehensive support to women and children fleeing domestic abuse. The shelters specialize in culturally sensitive services and is the largest charitable, non-profit agency of its kind in the greater Edmonton region.